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MOTU "Earthsong" (Igloo Records)

Lionel Beuvens 4tet "Trinité" (Igloo Records)


Guiseppe Millaci Vogue Trio "Song Book" (Hypnote Records)


Mazzle "Genetic Modified Art...gma" (Monks ans Thieves)


Kari Antilla/Peter Hertmans "Guitar Stories" (Seventh String Music)

Soo Cho trio "After All" (Zennes Records)

Sander Dewinne Group + Iki  "Kosmos" (DeWerf)

Eve Beuvens "Heptatomic" (Igloo Records)

Frank Vaganée Trio+Zefiro Torna "Scattered Rhymes" (Home Records)

Ruby "Novae"

Herve Capparos Band "Now In The City"

Peter Hertmans 4tet "Dedication" (Dewerf)

Kvartett "Vekk"

Fabrice Alleman "Obviously" (Igloo Records)

Laurent Doumont "Papa Soul Talkin"

Raf D Backer "Rising Joy" (Prova Records)

Nicolas Kummert Voices "One" (Prova Records)

Cezariusz Gadzina 4tet "Light in Sight" (DeWerf)

Peter Hertmans 4tet "Cadences" (Mogno Music)

Eve Beuvens 4tet "Noordzee" (Igloo Records)

Koen De Cauter/Fapy Lafertin "Django!!" (DeWerf/Spocus)

Sabin Todorov Trio "Inside Story" (Igloo Records)

Steven Delannoye Trio "Midnight Suite" (DeWerf)

aRtet "Watts Up" (DeWerf)

Giacomo Larricia "Spellbound" (Travers)

Sabin Todorov + Bulgarka Junior 4tet&Steve Houben (Igloo Reords)

Tuur Floorizoone "Aanrijding in Moscou" (Home Records)


Gerg Houben/Julie Mossay "Après un Reve" (Igloo Records)


Chroma "Radea" (Home Records)


Alien Bite Size (Mogno Music) 

John Snauwaert 4tet "Work On Peace"

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