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1. Intro

2.49 Steps to Heaven

3. Cité Soleil

4. For Three's

5. What's Even

6. Constellation

7. OIsin

8. La Valse a Cinq Temps

Kalevi Louhivuori: tp

Alexi Tuomarila: pn

Brice Soniano: bs

Lionel Beuvens: drs

Frank Vaganée: as on 4&7

Ewout Pierreux: rhodes on 3&8

JAll compositions by Lionel Beuvens

Recorded by Jonas Verrijdt at Jet Studio 15,16,17/8/21

Mixed by Jonas Verrijdt

Mastering by Dave Darlington

Pictures by Erik Bogaerts

Graphic design: Deadline constructions Waso De Cauter

Produced by Lionel Beuvens

Executive producer Giuseppe Millaci

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